Lynn Labasan

My Story:

I was born on the island of Kauai, the rainiest of the Hawaiian Islands, to 2nd generation Japanese parents. My father was considered legally blind, but he could still go fishing and gambling until his tunnel vision closed to a point of the size of a pin prick.  At the age of 16, it was safer for me to drive him around, than it was for him to drive me around!! I left the island at eighteen to attend Oregon State University. 

After graduating from OSU with a bachelor’s degree in Financial Planning and a minor in Computer Science, my dad helped me buy a car and I chose to get a manual (because I think they are soooo fun to drive) but had not yet fully learned how to drive a stick, so I was forced to learn it quickly so I could drive it out of the car lot!  

I’ve only had three jobs in my life. I started straight out of school, working in the registrar’s office at Marylhurst College. I got married and stayed there five years, then decided I wanted to work in downtown Portland, and landed at Willamette Industries, (which became Weyerhaeuser). The office was on the top of the Wells Fargo Tower (38th floor) and sunrises were spectacular as we were sometimes above the clouds!  I stayed there fourteen years, until they closed their doors. 

I went to bartending school after that but couldn’t make it as a bartender. I did work some catering jobs (weddings, special events, etc.) and became a Blackjack dealer—which I love!

In 2004, my husband, a UPS driver, came home one day and said, “there’s a job opening at the new Edward Jones office in the village… you should apply.” And the rest is history. I’ve been working with Luna for the past 17 years. Hard to believe! 

I spent my 50th birthday in Mazatlán…went zip-lining and danced on tables. That year I dealt with round one of breast cancer. Thought I was clear, until, just after my 59th birthday, I had a recurrence. Fingers crossed; I hope this is the last. In September 2021, I celebrated my 60th in Vegas at the casino that my father loved to frequent—I was his gambling buddy and seeing eye dog. 

My financial passion:

I have supported Luna for almost two decades… I think that says it all.

My life passions

Archery, Taiko drumming (this is more for recreation and getting my aggression out because I really cannot keep a beat), dragon boat paddling, playing cards/board games. I’m a blackjack dealer, volunteer at activities around town, and love hanging out with friends.  I have two adult daughters, ages 31 and 26, a son-in-law, and grandson.  My brother and his wife live in Nevada and my mom still lives on Kauai.