Amy Jaffe

Business Manager, IT and Marketing

My story:

I was raised on country air, sports, an intense blue collar work ethic and the belief that if you do the right thing, life will work out. We were a deeply religious family living in Canby, Oregon and when my older brother fell into addiction, I found myself called to law enforcement. At 15 years old I became a police cadet (and caught a rapist at “radio point” when I was 17) and went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Western Oregon State. I served in the police departments of Tualatin, Lake Oswego, and Hillsboro. I loved my work, and it was an honor to uphold our laws and be one of the officers that was motivated by fairness and kindness. My twenty-year career came to an abrupt and devastating end when a blatant act of homophobia by a supervisor blindsided me, and I was fired. I won a federal lawsuit against the city, but I was blacklisted by police departments and could not continue my beloved police career.

I created the first “all woman-owned” private investigation firm in Oregon. We worked for high profile attorneys on wrongful death, divorce, police brutality, and criminal defense cases and I had hit my stride after eight years when the 2008 economic crisis brought it all to a grinding halt.

In 2012, soon after Luna and I became partners, I started managing the Kickstarter campaign she was using to launch her books. Using my videography and social media skills, we raised $20,000 and, in the process, I met the founder of Indrani’s Light Foundation, a non-profit aimed at ending gender-based violence. I became a trainer and provided social media strategy and training curriculum while also continuing to do videography on various projects. When we launched Sacred Money Studios and Prosperity Pie Shop, I managed the café and quickly discovered the challenges inherent in food service. Lordy! What an intense journey! We had incredible events in our space—get out the vote campaigns, concerts, parties, rituals—it was an amazing sanctuary for our community, and when Covid hit we shut down immediately, knowing that there was no way we would be able to handle the stress. Besides, I had started graduate school at George Fox University to get a counseling master’s degree so that I can pursue my dream of providing trauma and grief services to first responders and people who have witnessed traumatic events.

I’m currently wearing several hats at Lunaria: Chief of Team Happiness; Business Manager and IT consultant.

My financial passion:

I’ve gone through the Wild Money process three times now, and each time I discover new beliefs and heal traumas, some of which I didn’t even know I had. I love sharing the impact this experience has had on my life and am especially grateful for how these changes in my personal money story have allowed me to pursue my dreams with fewer fears and more courage.

My life passions:

I love ghost stories and UFOs! I’ve watched every show I can find on these topics (when I not working or studying). I love to travel, drink a good Moscow Mule, take photos of friends, and make people laugh. I’m passionate about animal welfare, especially elephants.