About Us

Lunaria Financial Team (left to right):
Hillary Brevig, Lynn Labasan, Amy Jaffe, Luna Jaffe

At Lunaria Financial® we focus on what you can control while developing a deeper awareness of what matters most to you and your family.  We leverage your creative spirit so that you understand your money story.  We integrate traditional financial planning with innovative tools that build confidence.

What makes us special

We help you build a healthy and sustainable relationship with money through innovative financial planning and creative coaching.

We've got your back.

Our team will ensure that you receive exceptional service that is personal and professional.  We love to serve and we will do everything within our reach to collaborate with you on reaching your goals, and making it fun.

We're comfortable with complex emotions.

Money stirs up deeply held emotions sometimes.  We welcome your tears along with your joy, your fears as well as your competence.  Luna’s background in psychotherapy gives her a gift of creating a safe, confidential space to express your deeply held desires, grief, loss, guilt and shame.  It’s all okay here. 

We deal with fees openly.

We clearly disclose our fees, relationships and services so that you can develop trust and relax into a long term professional relationship.

We're resourceful.

We are aligned with other professionals and pride ourselves in being well-connected. We have strategic partnerships with money managers, attorneys, tax and financial professionals with specialized expertise.  And we’re not afraid to admit if a question or skill set that you have is out of our league— we want to ensure that you get exactly the help and advisement that you require.

Who we are.

We run our business with the same values that we prioritize in life. This video shows you who we are.

Visiting the Office


We’ll make you a cup of tea or a latte and invite you to feel at home while you look out the balcony onto the streets of Multnomah Village. 


When you visit Lunaria Financial you’ll immediately notice the calm, graceful space, the artwork on the walls, the sweet dogs that happily greet you.

Virtually Everywhere

If you live outside the Portland area, we can meet via phone or Skype. We’re virtually everywhere.