Luna Jaffe, CFP®

My Story:

I was raised in Delaware by parents who fought for civil rights alongside their African American friends, marched on Selma and protested the Vietnam war. We lived in a development surrounded by woods and farms but attended an inner-city church. Summers were spent outdoors from sunup to sundown, camping, exploring, and swimming. In high school I began to volunteer for international relief organizations, getting a taste for the inequities in the world and our responsibility to do what we can to make a difference. During college I mastered Spanish, volunteered for the American Friends Service Committee in Mexico, and got a degree in Bilingual Education. Restless and disenchanted by my student teaching experiences, I did the logical thing– became a certified massage therapist, then hitch-hiked across the country and found a sailboat heading to the Caribbean. Eight months later, after visiting ten countries, I landed in Spain. There is no better education that observing your own country from outside of it. 

When I returned to the states a year later, I discovered silk painting and launched a career as a professional artist, continued to travel the world with a backpack and a paint brush, and after moving to Portland, even spent two years dancing with Do Jump! Movement Theater. My father’s sudden death when I was 31 launched me into returning to graduate school to get a master’s degree in Depth Psychology, with a focus on expressive arts therapy. After three years in private practice, I took my skills into the corporate world, working in management and training. A few months after turning 40, I married my partner and gave birth to my son, Hunter. Parenting reignited a deep desire to have more control over my career, and when I was recruited into financial advising I jumped at the chance. 

From the beginning of my new career, I focused on socially responsible investing, educating women, and empowering my clients to take charge of their financial lives. In 2010 I left Edward Jones and founded Lunaria Financial with a mission to provide holistic planning coupled with solid impact focused investment options. I authored two books in 2013, Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom and the accompanying journal. From 2015-2020 I co-founded and operated Sacred Money Studios and Prosperity Pie Shop, where you could take finance classes and reward yourself with cherry pie. 

My financial passion:

I’m deeply committed to helping clients understand what lights them up personally and as a citizen of the world. I care about excellent estate planning and philanthropy because this is how we can fund our values and leave a legacy we’re proud of. I thrive on connecting people and sharing resources and skills so that dreams become reality. Recently I’ve been working with a project in Nigeria to build Sister’s City, a community of permanent homes for widows and elder women. I’m passionate about finding funding for BIPOC owned start-ups and doing what I can to redistribute wealth and opportunity/ownership.

My life passions:

When my son died in August 2020, my life turned upside down. Writing has been my lifeline and guiding light. I publish my poetry on my website, My wife, Amy, keeps me grounded and brings levity to my life. I find solace and grace in my garden, in being in the mountains and by the ocean, and whenever I have a paintbrush in my hand.